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Colomba Teresina


TERESINA, the dove of Don Lionardo.. Soft and delicate, with a fresh and spring fragrance. Precious lemon cubes of Sorrento. IGP semicandied natural and fresh citrus peel meet a fragrant icing with. almonds, all Apulian, in a perfect combination..

TERESINA was the name of the amiable companion of the life of Leonardo Leo who joined in. marriage on 14 June 1713. Teresa Losi, sister of two companions of Leonardo al. conservatorio della Pietà de’ Turchini, was 17 while he was 19. The two went to. live in the district of S. Anna a Palazzo in Naples and from their union were born five children: Rosa. (1741) ; Gaetano (1716); Gennaro (1717); Pasquale (1721); Maria Maddalena (1724). La carta che. wraps LA TERESINA takes up the manuscript of a motet by Leo which in the final part. He writes an Alleluia, a text of joy typical of Easter celebrations.

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