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Classic Colomba


Moist and soft, soft inside and crunchy on the outside thanks to an almond glaze made with local almonds. It is stuffed with cubes of candied orange rinds to give it a unique scent and flavor. Inevitable as in every taste, the grated peels of fresh oranges and lemons, the bourbon vanilla beans combined with the best Belgian butter, ensure that all the aromas and essential oils are released after cooking in order to give a unique flavour and gustative experience.

Emalu’s Colombes are handcrafted by carefully selecting the best ingredients of the highest quality.


The craftsmanship and naturalness of the processing, the use of sourdough, the absence of preservatives and hydrogenated fats, give greater value to our final product, respecting both traditions and the environment, enhancing every characteristic.

The result is a product with an unmistakable taste, which satisfies the palate and the heart of those who love the authentic and genuine flavors of the past.

All Emalu’s colombes are entirely handmade. The minimum guaranteed shelf life of the product is 40 days. However, we recommend you to enjoy it within 30 days following the production date indicated on the label.

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